Noy Shani

Results that last, but how come?

Recently I wrote a comment replying to a struggling participant on one of our challenges. Slightly over half way through the program she slipped into consuming ‘naughty foods’ and alcohol, mentioning her workload as a justification. This is not uncommon for people to fall flat on their faces at some point during our challenges. And

“An experience you can’t get anywhere else”

Dhruv Mahavir, 21, an engineering student from Sydney, Australia, tells the Fitbanker blog about his own experience and journey with the Fitbanker FBX90 challenge – the highs, lows and everything in between. “Sweat, pain, lack of energy after a workout” – are the three perspectives one may have had in mind prior to signing up

The six pillars of success

Last week we looked at the four main reasons why most diets fail and you got a glimpse into what can be done to avoid unnecessary heartaches in this area. By now, you must be asking yourself, what can I do to transform those patterns and develop a fulfilling and sustainable health and fitness routine?

Why most diets fail

You’ve probably been guilty of that yourself. You tried to lose weight or tone up for the summer, but the changes you’ve introduced did not last more than a week or so. You’re not alone, only about 20% of dieters make it to the three-month mark. Why does it prove to be so difficult? There

How much protein should I consume?

You know what it’s like. Those little details, yes the bits we all tend to miss from time to time, or simply let loose too much. Whether you like it or not, these make all the difference when it comes to you accomplishing your fitness goals. Many of us, who are on low-carb diets and